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Can you name the French 3 Verbal Phrases containing the verb parler?

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English PhraseFrench Translation
I will talk if I can.
I don't want to talk.
I had talked.
I have to (am supposed to) talk.
I was supposed to talk.
Could I talk?
I asked him not to talk.
I hadn't talked.
I'm going to talk.
Don't talk (tu).
I would talk if I could.
I talked.
I don't know how to speak Italian.
I'm in the middle of talking.
I was in the middle of talking.
Let's talk.
I wouldn't have talked.
I should have talked.
I talk.
I don't talk.
while talking, by talking
without talking
I will talk when I can.
in order to talk
I was talking.
English PhraseFrench Translation
I had to talk. I must have talked.
I used to talk.
I will have talked.
I've been talking for a long time.
I can talk.
after talking
Don't talk (vous).
I should talk.
I could have talked.
I told her not to talk.
I didn't talk.
I am talking.
I would like to talk.
I want to talk.
I am not talking.
I had been talking for a long time.
I said that I wanted to talk.
I would have talked if I had been able.
I was going to talk.
I talked for ten minutes.
I was able to talk.
I said that I could talk.
I had just talked.
before talking
I have just talked.

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