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Forced Order
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Lesson 9 Quiz 53
Two years ago, she spent the summer vacation in Brittany. 
During the vacation, they are alone in the house. 
Their parents are not with them.  
If one doesn't have a car, one can rent a car. 
How long has it been raining? 
It's been raining for three days. 
Lesson 9 Quiz 54
It's deadly boring, the sea, when it rains. 
There is nothing to do. 
We (on) can't play pelota in the house. 
We (on) don't have the room.  
Are you (f.) deaf or what? 
Let's play cards. 
One can play chess, or checkers. 
It's less complicated. 
Lesson 9 Quiz 55
First, someone describes a person in three or four sentences. 
And then, the others guess who it is. 
She has a gray eye. 
I don't know. It's no one. 
One takes people who exist. 
Otherwise, one can't guess. 
You (tu) take someone from the family, anyone. 
Lesson 9 Quiz 56
Not I. I have no idea. I'm searching. 
He has short, gray hair. 
He is always suntanned. 
He is always in a good mood. 
He is very generous. 
That's too easy. 
It's my turn.(2 ways) 
She has a pointed nose, thin lips, sharp teeth, and a shrill voice. 

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