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Forced Order
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Lesson 5 Quiz 24
1, 2, 3, 4 
5, 6, 7, 8 
9, 10, 11, 12 
13, 14 
15, 16 
17, 18 
19, 20 
21, 22 
Lesson 5 Quiz 25
First, one must give a first name to the young people. 
Everyone has a first name.  
What is your first name? (It is what, your first name?) 
That's not possible. 
Let's give a first name to the young people. 
She, too, has a first name. 
Lesson 5 Quiz 26
It's a pretty first name. 
A French first name is needed. 
You (vous) see, it's not easy to pronounce. 
It's both a French and American first name. 
(vous) Try. Say Mireille. 
Conjuguez: avoir (to have) (8 pronouns and verb forms) 
Lesson 5 Quiz 27
Mireille's family isn't poor, but it isn't rich either. 
It's a well-off family. 
The mother and the father of Mireille both work. 
He's an engineer at Renault. 
She's a department head at the Health Ministry. 
Mireille has two sisters. 
Lesson 5 Quiz 28
How many sisters does Mireille have? 
C├ęcile is older than Mireille. 
She is 23 and she is married. 
Marie-Laure is much younger than Mireille. 
How old are you (vous)? 
Robert's parents have money.  
They are even rather rich.  
They have a lot of money. 
Lesson 5 Quiz 29
He doesn't have any sisters. 
He doesn't have any brothers either. 
He's an only son. 
His parents are divorced. 
His mother is remarried. 
Let's talk about Robert. 
Do you (vous) want to talk about Robert? 
We don't have time.  
Another time. 
Conjuguez: vouloir (to want) (8 pronouns and verb forms) 

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