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English SentenceFrench Translation
If I had enough money, I would buy a car.
I will see them when I'm in Paris.
If I have enough money next year, I will buy a car.
Where would you (vous) go?
When I get enough money, I will buy a car.
What should I have done?
If I (m.) had had enough money, I would have gone to Europe last summer.
Mireille would have rented a car if she hadn't been afraid of breaking down.
If the weather had been nice, we would have played tennis all day long.
If I had studied, I wouldn't have failed the exam.
Where would you (tu) have gone?
If I had better grades, my parents would let me have my driver's license.
What would you (tu) have done if you hadn't been able to borrow your uncle's car?
I would have hitchhiked.
You (vous) should have put the suitcases in the trunk.
Call (tu) me as soon as you finish reading it (m.).
Call (vous) me if you have any problems.
You (vous) should have punched your ticket before getting onto the train.
If the waitress had not forgotten to bring the carafe of water, I would have left a tip.
You (vous) should learn to play the violin.
She said that she would come the next day.
If I had know that the train would be full, I would have stayed at home.
That would be nice if we could go have dinner on a bateau-mouche.
If Mireille had invited you (vous) to go to Chartres, would you have accepted?
I wouldn't have been late if the train had arrived on time.
That wouldn't surprise me.

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