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Gods of the winds
Daughter of Athena
Goddess of Love & Beauty
God of Sun, Archery, & Prophecy
God of War
Goddess of the Hunt
Titan General (Holds up the sky)
Goddess of Wisdom & War Strategy
Daughter of Hades (D)
Black Pegasus
The Last Hundred-Handed One
Daughter of Atlas(Banished to Ogygia)
Son of Dionysus (D)
Three Headed Dog
Son of Hephaestus (D)
Monster that is a mouth who sucks up water creating whirlpools
Monster thats is part Lion, Goat, & Snake
Son of Kronos(Centaur)
Undetermined Half-Blood(Boyfriend of Clarisse)
Daughter of Ares
Flying Pig
Son of Hermes
One Eyed Monster
Son of Athena(Inventor of the Labyrinth) (D)
Human in Lotus Casino from the 70's
God of Wine
Goddess of the Harvest
God of Terror
Snake Women
God of the East River
Mother of Monsters(Part Woman, Part Snake)
Vampires with a Donkey Leg & Bronze Leg
Son of Nemesis
Son of Ares(Works at Triple G Ranch)
Three Women Who Control the Threads of Life
One of Hades Strongest Servants(Mrs. Dodds)
Human:Main Characters Step Father in TLT
Main Satyr
God of the Underworld
Goddess of Youth
Goddess of Magic
Hundred-Handed Ones
Giant Black Dogs with Fire Glowing Eyes
God of Forging
Goddess of Marriage
God of Travelers, Communication, & Theft
Goddess of the Hearth & Home
God of the Hudson River
Monster with Many Heads
Ice Giants
Titan of Burning Light
Titan Ruler of the Underworld
Goddess of Rainbows
Son of Hephaestus(Becomes leader of his cabin in TLO)
God of Gates, Doorways, Beginnings & Endings
Tree Nymph:Satyr's Girlfriend
Daughter of Demeter
Ghost:Judge of the Dead for Hades: Ex King of Crete(D)
Titan of the South & Constellations
Titan Lord
Dragon Who Defends the Hesperides' Apple Tree
Large Cannibals
Son of Apollo (D)
Satyr:Member of Council of Cloven Elders(D)
Son of Hermes (D)
Son of Athena(Assistant counselor of the Athena Cabin)
Monster that is part human, lion and has a thorny tail (Dr. Thorn)
Satyr:Member of Council of Cloven Elders
Human who has a child with Hermes & Tries to become the Oracle
Monster with Snakes on her head(Aunty Em)
Goddess of Ghosts
Son of Apollo(Becomes leader of his cabin in TLO)
Monster thats half human, half bull
God of Dreams
Human that has a Child with Athena
The only nice Hellhound
Human Girl who Main Character Hates & Attends Yancy Academy
Goddess of Revenge and Balance
Son of Hades
Titan of the Ocean
God of the Wild (D)
Group of Centaurs
Human: Main Characters Soon to be Step Father
Son of Poseidon
Goddess of Springtime
God of Fear
Artemis Hunter(Tracker)
Son of Dionysus
Roman Goddess of Plenty
God of the Ocean, Earthquakes, and Horses
Titan of Forethought
Human: Friend of Main Character who becomes Oracle
Human:Main Characters Mother
Six Headed Monster(Guards SoM)
Daughter of Aphrodite
Satyr:Member of Council of Cloven Elders
Monster thats Half Bird, Half Women
Human that Cheated Death Many Times(D)
Human Spirit from the Fields of Punishment:Camp Director in SoM(D)
Monster thats a Dog Faced Sea Demon
Daughter of Zeus
Son of Hermes
Most Powerful Monster
Son of Poseidon(Cyclops)
Son of Apollo(Healed Annabeth in TLO)
The King of Gods
Daughter of Atlas(Lead Huntress of Artemis) (D)
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