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Can you name the details of particular scenes in Wayne's World?

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According to Garth, if Cassandra were a president, she'd be...
Number on Wayne's custom Blackhawks jersey
Band whose t-shirt Phil is wearing when he's found 'partied out'
Address of Wayne's house
Drink Cassandra orders after Crucial Taunt's set at Gasworks
Floor/story of his building that Benjamin's condo is on
License plate number of the Mirthmobile
Island group Garth bounces signals off of to reach Mr. Biggg's limo
Cost for inspection of the Mirthmobile
Name of the Gasworks bartender
Russell's last name
According to Alice Cooper, the name 'Milwaukee' has its roots in this Native American language
Number of individuals Officer Koharski inspected 'inside and out'
City where Noah Vanderhoff had his four-hour layover, giving him the idea to open an arcade
Cost to get into Cassandra's rent party
Character that Garth stabs in Stan Mikita's
First name of Crucial Taunt's drummer
Restaurant Benjamin takes Wayne and Garth to in order to discuss contracts
Form of payment that is not accepted at Stan Mikita's
Inventor of the Suck Kut
Store where the Excalibur guitar is sold
Reason why Stacy has been so moody

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