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Cable made of a single line used to transfer video
One of the colors in a CAT5 line
Specific type of USB cable commonly used to connect printers and computers
Which has the lesser transfer rate: ethernet (cat5) or USB 3.0?
How many bits are in a byte?
What cable T1 lines are made of
One of the colors in a CAT5 line
Approximate time (in seconds) to transfer a 2000 mb file over firewire
One of the colors in a CAT5 line
What does the acronym VGA stand for?
Maximum length ( in feet) of ethernet cable for optimal performance (from notes)
Cable developed by Apple
What does the acronym kbps stand for?
How many megabytes are in 3 gigabytes?
Fastest transfer rate for USB 3.0 (from notes)
One of the colors in a CAT5 line
Port used to plug in a mouse and keyboard on older model computers
What is the fastest internet package offered by Verizon called?
What does the acronym HDMI stand for?
Data on this cable is transfered on 8 copper lines
What does the acronym DSL stand for?
Used to connect two of the same type of devices via a computer's network adapter
Can be used to transfer data and voice, but not at the same time
What year did USB 1.1 come onto the market?
Common cable made up of red, yellow, and white pins
Speed of a T1 line (from notes)
How many pins are on RJ45 Connector?
Roadrunner from Time Warner Cable runs on this specific type of cable
What does the acronym USB stand for?
About how far (in feet) can a home be from a DSL substation for best performance?

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