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AVictory for Henry V against the French in the Hundred Years War, 1415
BBattle between Richard III and Henry VII in the Wars of the Roses, resulting in victory for Henry, 1485
CBattle of the Second Punic War between the Romans and Carthage, under Hannibal resulting in the bloodiest battle in history, and victory for Hannibal, 216 BCE
DBattle and evacuation of British from German forces in World War Two, 1940
EOne of the first battles (inconclusive) of the English Civil War, 1642
FBattle in the Anglo-Scottish wars between English and Scottish, resulting in death of James IV, 1513
GFall of final Muslim stronghold in Spain to the Spanish, signifying the end of the Spanish Reconquista 1492
H Battle between Normans Under William the Conqueror and Harold II of England, signifying the Norman conquest of England 1066
IBattle of the French wars of religion in which the Huguenot Henry IV of France had an important victory over the Catholic league, finally uniting France, 1590
JNapoleon's crushing defeat of Prussia during the Napoleonic Wars , 1806
KLargest tank battle of World War Two and of history, between Soviets and Germans 1943
LFirst major defeat of Napoleon during the Napoleonic wars in a battle in Saxony, against alliance of Sweden, Prussia, Austria and Russia, 1813
MMajor battle at a historic monastery in Italy in World War Two outside Rome, stalled Allied advance for a while, 1944
NFinal decisive battle in the English Civil War, in which Parliament removed any chance of the Royalists winning, 1645.
OBattle between French and English in The Hundreds Years War, in which Joan of Arc saved this city from the English, 1429.
PBattle between France and England in the Hundred Years War, resulting in loss of most of the French nobility, including their king; and victory for Edward III, 1356
QAlong with Ligny, battle in which Napoleon defeated the Prussians during the Napoleonic Wars, 1815
RThe fall of this city was the symbol of the fall of its namesake empire, one of the largest ever in Europe, 410
SFirst major defeat of the Germans in WWII, by the Soviets under Zhukov, 1943-1943
TMajor defeat of Spanish and French navies by Horatio Nelson, battle in which he died, 1805
UBattle in Bavaria during Napoleonic wars, Napoleon managed to destroy an entire army for minimum losses, 1805.
VBloody battle in World War One, in which the French managed to stall the German advance on the Western front, 1916
WFinal defeat of Napoleon by the Duke of Wellington, 1815
YMajor battle in trench warfare during World War One, in total there were three battles at this site. 1914,1915 1917
ZObscure battle in which the English helped the Netherlands in the Dutch Revolt against Spain, slaying of Sir Philip Sidney occurred here, 1586

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