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QUIZ: Can you name the words/phrases/names beginning with HP?

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HintH____ P_____
Let's start with the boy wizard, shall we?
Large structure for skateboarding (or BMX biking)
17th century English composer
Palo Alto tech company
Measurement for an engine
Specific police unit (also a TV series)
Tarot card also called 'The Popess'
Where Sporcle's newest published games appear
Many of Mr. Rogers' 'Make-Believe' neighbors
1994 Tim Robbins/Coen Bros. film
Spot for choppers to land
1968 McCartney-written hit (White Album)
Single-user stereo speakers
2005 Nobel Laureate British playwright
What keeps you in the (video) game
HintH____ P_____
Pennsylvania tourist attraction
Tool for binding paper, or piercing leather
Hawthorne's fictional adultress
Lettering on a ship's stern
AA concept for God; or WWE nickname
Flying in circles above your destination
Notable nun played by Susan Sarandon
Chemical used as a bleach or propellant
Home of Speakers' Corner (UK) or President Obama (US)
Winnie the Pooh's preferred lunch
Contractions of an empty stomach
Christie's Belgian sleuth
Collection in cement at Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Actor on 'Weeds' and Broadway
1980's/90's hip-hop fashion choice

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