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Having a dejected or guilty appearance; maybe this dog knows the executioner and gallows
Hybrid offspring of a coyote and a dog
Fighting dog; originally known as kept on a band
Trained to retrieve small flying animals for a hunter
Trained to guard or protect persons or property
Competitor who is overwhelmingly favored to win
Trained to retrieve game for a hunter who brings his weapon
Competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest
Trained to guard and herd thick woolly flocks of mammals
Andiron; holds wood in the fireplace
Bright spot in the sky appearing on either side of the star which the earth orbits
Kept to lookout and guard private property
Small dog kept as a pet
Another name for a hook used for logs; or perhaps a dog who is unable to do something
Old or experienced sailor
Hot dog garnished with chili con carne
Aquatic salamander found in lakes and streams related to the mudpuppy
Flat, wrinkled face with a powerful protruding lower jaw; sometimes a mascot
Hot sausage; person who shows off

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