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Can you name the Supernatural Charachters by quote?

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'Who do I have to kill to get some frenchfries around here'
'I like him, he say's okie dokie'
'Tori spelling, great actress, I love the little gal'
'I don't have to answer to puppy chow'
'What kind of knife can kill a deamon?'
'You're invited too grumpy'
'Hey, Ass butt'
'Why'd you use tongue?'
'Get away from my boys'
'it's like disneyworld, without all the anti-sematism'
'I like the Pizza'
'Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life'
Look out laddies, here comes trouble'
'saphire barbie'
We should have angry sex after this'
Bon Jovi rocks, on occasion.
'oh good, you're home, you gotta help me bury a body'
You take Effron, I got Bieber
People think I'm hot, but i actually run cold
It's in a castle, on a hill made of forty two dogs
Sam Winchester, this is your life

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