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Can you name the Famous Vegeterians?

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CountryVegetarian PersonClue
EnglandFamous Physicist and Mathematician
ItalyPainter, Architect and Engineer
NetherlandsPost-impressionist artist
IndiaCalm and Peaceful Leader
Swiss-GermanTime Magazine's person of the century
EnglandWrote the most controversial radio series in history
GreeceHas a theorem named after him
USACar manufacturer
FranceNobel Peace Prize Winner
EnglandChimpanzees' best friend
GermanyFamous Priest
GreeceAncient philosopher
USAHas a tennis complex dedicated to her/him
Czech RepublicBest female tennis player ever
USAWas a founding father of the USA
IndiaCelebrity Superstar from Bollywood
USAFamous Hollywood heart throb
USApopular tennis player
CountryVegetarian PersonClue
IndiaSpiritual writer and doctor
GreeceAthenian philosopher
EnglandPart of the band 'The Beatles'
EnglandFamous guitarist of 'The Beatles'
USARetired NBA all star basketball player
EnglandEnglish founder of Methodism
USAInducted into basketball hall of fame in 2003
Cuba-USASuperstar NFL Atlanta Falcons player
USAMain Singer of band Red Hot Chili Peppers
DenmarkDanish Fairy Tale Writer
RussiaFamous 'short-stories' writer
GreecePupil Of Plato, tutor of Alexander the Great
USACEO of Apple
USAFormer American Idol Judge
USAIncluded in 'Johnny English' movie
EnglandFamous 'Romantic' Poet
EnglandPublished a book called 'On the Origin of Species.'

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