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Can you name the Lands of Dark Souls?

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Example CharacterLandLord
Gwyndolin, Frampt, Crestfallen WarriorGwyn
Ingward, Yoel, YuriaFour Kings
Firesage, Quelaag, Fair LadyThe Witch
Laurentius, Cuculus, Eingyi?
Andre, Solaire, Anri?
Griggs, Logan, Orbeck?
-King Rendal
Tarkus, Tsorig, Crestfallen MerchantKing Berenike
Siegmeyer, SIeglinde, Siegward?
Oswald, Irina, LautrecMorne
Dusk, Elizabeth, Old WolfDusk's Father|Abyss Watchers
Petrus, Vince, Reah?
Jeremiah, VelkaPriscilla
Shiva, Sir Alonne?
Drummond, Nashandra, WellagerVendrick
Lucatiel, Aslatiel, Creighton?
Albert, Vengarl?
Maughlin, Lenigrast, Chloanne?
Example CharacterLandLord
LiciaOsteria Family
Magelord, Blue-Eyed Durgo?
Rosabeth, Carhillion, Felkin?
Covetous Demon, GilliganMytha
ElanaThe Sunken King
Alsanna, AavaThe Ivory King
Smelter DemonThe Old Iron King
Orro, Jeigh,VammarGiant Lord
FrejaDuke Tseldora
Bell Keeper?
Sand WormWolnir
Lorian, Lothric, EmmaOceiros
Aldrich, McDonnel, YorshkaSulyvahn
Friede, Gael, DunnelFather Ariandel

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