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Can you name the historical people who died in the following ways?

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Method of DeathPersonCircumstances of Death
Arrow/Spear in eye, then mutilated by horsesDied at the Battle of Hastings, 1066
Molten gold poured down throatExecuted by the Parthians after the Battle of Carrhae, 53 BC
Right hand cut off, teeth and hair pulled out, one eye gouged out, boiling water poured on face, and finally 'torn apart'Deposed in coup by Isaac II Angelos, 1185
Allegedly by hot poker into anusDeposed, then assassinated on orders of his wife Isabella, 21 September 1327
Forced to flee burning barn with a broken leg, shot in the neck and paralyzed, dragged from barn to deathplace Killed by Federal troops, 26 April 1865
Shot at point-blank range, sprayed with bullets and finally bayonetedKilled by South Vietnamese military coup, 2 November 1963
Nose cut off, then a hand and foot, then castrated, then cut in half by the waist Executed with 'The Five Pains' on orders of eunuch Zhao Gao, 208 BC
Beheaded after 3 tries, last one with a saw (allegedly)Executed on orders of Elizabeth I, 8 February 1587
Death by cancer of the larynx, complicated by a failed operation causing pus to form in the neckDied 15 June 1888
Bombed, causing legs to be torn away, stomach ripped open and face mutilated Killed on 13 March 1881 by Narodnaya Volya (People's Will) Movement
(Alleged) Smashing head against iron bars of cageDied 8 March 1403 in Timur's court
Death by 'excessive sexual indulgence' and also by severe diarrhea after taking laxativesDied 26 September 1620; reigned for 20 days
Hung until near death, eviscerated, beheaded and quartered Executed 23 August 1305 for high treason
Stomach 'turned to liquid', skin peeled off, and finally bowels bled profusely Possible poisoning, 18 August 1503
Suicide by plunging sword in abdomen and cutting sidewaysForced seppuku by Akechi Mitsuhide, 21 June 1582
Method of DeathPersonCircumstances of Death
Death by dagger in right eyeBrawl, 30 May 1593
Attacked by ice axe and died of 'severe brain damage'Assassinated on Stalin's orders, 21 August 1940
Death by a thousand cuts, with flesh distributed for consumption by local peopleExecuted under false charges, 22 September 1630
Death by cannonballDied assaulting Fishing Town in China, 11 August 1259
Non-instantaneous hanging; slowly strangled for four minutesExecuted for treason, 16 November 1885
Shot by rifles, then shotguns, then pistolsKilled by Texas police in Louisiana, 23 May 1934
Dragged under train and legs mangled, died in hospitalFirst railway casualty, 15 September 1830
Killed by cannon explosion where 'his thigh-bone was dug into two'Killed before Roxburgh Castle, 3 August 1460
Asphyxiated by own vomitBrought on by overdose of sleeping pills, 18 September 1970
Stabbed 16 times while heavily pregnantKilled by Charles Manson's 'Family', 8 Aug 1969
Raped, mutilated and head stuck on pikeKilled by anti-Royal mob, 19 August 1792
Dragged through streets, flayed and set ablazeKilled by Christian mob, March 415
Wrapped in a rug and trampled to deathKilled by Mongol army, 20 February, 1258
Poisoned, shot, bludgeoned, and thrown into an icy riverKilled by Russian nobles, 29 December 1916
Fell to Earth from space after capsule parachute failed to deployDied on Soyuz-1 mission, 24 April 1967

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