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Can you name the non-countries which/whom war has been declared upon?

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War on...Greece takes on the enemy through slashing public spending, salaries, and bonuses. (MSN)
War on...Beijing attempts to control pollution by instituting congestion fees and usage restrictions. (People's Daily)
War on...Barry McCaffrey made Czar
War on...Cause: Stated that he 'hopes Barack Obama fails', prompting immediate lamestream media response (Jonah Goldberg, LA Times)
War on...Gov. Riley proposes ethics rehaul, cap on lobbyist funding. (Birmingham News)
War on...Rep. Cissna declares war after refusal to submit to a search at a Seattle airport (Fox News)
War on...Hillary Clinton condemns GTA as a 'major threat' (Times)
War on...Creation of Job Corps and VISTA
War on...The Red Scare, Army investigations
War on...Characteristics: Zero tolerance, drugs and arbitrary punishment. In school. (Eponymous Documentary)
War on...Official retribution against this website for exposing state secrets (Economist)
War on...War was being lost so badly FBI recruited 10-G men for an anti-obscenity squad in 2005 (MSNBC)
War on...State Sen. Vitale argues that the enemy 'is a fabrication that damages [New Jersey] and cultural representations' (OK Magazine)
War on...Cause: Anti-abortion legislation and defunding Planned Parenthood. (Rep. Wasserman Schultz, USNews)
War on...Apple refuses to let developers use this multimedia platform on its products. (Guardian)
War on...Cause: Congressional subpoenas against executives of this Wall Street firm. (Larry Kudlow, CNBC)
War on...Atheists: 'This Season, celebrate REASON!' (Examiner)
War on...Cause: Stagnant wages, rising costs and an inept Congress. (Lou Dobbs, CNN)
War on...Implementation of Homeland Security
War on...'Battle of the Bulge'
War on...The enemy are 'liberal fascists' (Salon)
War on...Andrew Breitbart crusades against Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson, and Katie Couric. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
War on...Drug cocktails, UN drives to eliminate it. (UN)
War on...Casus belli: dispute over the legality of the 16th Amendment, money used to pay for costs of Iraq War (USA Today)
War on...ALERT Act, LIVESTRONG Campaign
War on...Sarkozy introduces multiculturalism into top schools. (Guardian)
War on...Tom Delay said that the US society treats this religion like 'some second-rate superstition' (MSNBC)
War on...Cause: Obama's socialist, anti-growth, tax-hike, punish-the-job-creators agenda. (Or so CNBC says.)
War on...It all started with Reagan and PATCO... (Guardian)
War on...Walls, raids and deportations fail to slow the advance across the border (ABC News)

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