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Can you name the countries/dynasties which controlled these cities in the mentioned years?

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Susa, 123
Vyborg, 1432
Esfahan, 1586
Beirut, 1836
Augsburg, 1 AD
Cape Town, 1697
Porto, 1590
Goa, 1962
Utrecht, 1234
Jaipur, 1857
Hims, 1180
Memphis (Egypt), 667 BC
Zagreb, 1201
Novgorod, 1479
Wellington, 1992
Knoxville, 1862
Osaka, 1946
Xiamen, 1645
Fuzhou, 1943
Torun, 1872
Rhodes, 406 BC
Iasi, 1860
Qui Nhon, 1475
Dallas, 1844
London (Canada), 1850
Yerevan, 780 BC

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