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Can you name the cities named after these people?

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Person (country city is in)CityIdentity in detail
Byzas of Megara (Turkey)
Consort of William IV of the UK (Australia)
Arthur Wellesley, British PM 1828 - 1830, 1834 (New Zealand)
King of Macedon, 336 - 356 BC (Egypt)
Holy Roman Emperor, 1346 - 1378 (Czech Republic)
William Lamb, British PM (Australia)
First and third President of Texas (USA)
Leader of North Vietnam, 1945 - 1969 (Vietnam)
Emperor of Germany, 1871 - 1888 (Germany)
1st German Chancellor, 1871 - 1890 (USA)
Mughal Emperor 1658 - 1707 (India)
Martyr King of East Anglia, 855 - 869 (UK)
King of Italy, 1861 - 1878 (Italy)
19th C British explorer in Africa (Zambia)
King of Spain, 1665 - 1700 (Belgium)
16th President of the United States (USA)
Founder of Gran Colombia (Venezuela)
Person (country city is in)CityIdentity in detail
British PM, 1766 - 1768 (USA)
British Secretary of State for War, 1914 - 1916 (Canada)
Sister of Constantine the Great (Romania)
President of the Philippines, 1935 - 1944 (Philippines)
1st British Proprietor Governor of Maryland (USA)
King of France 1226 - 1270 (Mexico)
Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller, 1557 - 1568 (Malta)
5th President of the USA (Liberia)
Father of Modern China (China)
King of France, 1774 - 1791 (USA)
UK Vice Admiral 1869 - 1870 (Papua New Guinea)
Nominal Head of the USSR, 1919 - 1946 (Russia)
British Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1910 - 1915 (Nigeria)
British Governor of the Cape Colony, 1834 - 1838 (South Africa)
Carthaginian family of Hannibal (Spain)
King of Galicia-Volhynia, 1264 - 1301 (Ukraine)

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