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Important ideas/contributionsName
The earliest Protestant reformer.
Evangelical Methodist and founder of the Salvationist movement.
Influential German who coined the phrase 'religionless Christianity' and strongly opposed Nazism, both before and during WWII.
Perhaps the most influential Natural theologian of Scholastic Catholicism.
Wrote works such as 'Confessions' & 'City of God' which were foundational to the theology of the early Catholic Church.
Anglo-catholic and leading member of the Oxford Movement.
Friend of the birds and the bees.
Prominent Anglican and Evangelical apologetics writer who controversially accepts annihilationism.
20th century German Protestant who emphasized that God shares our pain.
American preacher at the time of the first Great Awakening, famous for his sermon 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God'.
Opposed the Arian Heresy, and proposed what is now known as the Orthodox doctrine of Theosis.
Important ideas/contributionsName
Protestant champion of Free Will.
Perhaps the best-loved English popular theologian and author of children's books.
The Reformed, 'Neo-Orthodox' theologian who was daring enough to question Biblical Inerrancy.
Well-loved Puritan known for his devotional commentary on the whole Bible.
Considered the founder of the Scholastic Catholic movement.
Catholic mystic whose 'Interior Castle' was inspirational in the Counter-Reformation.
A pioneering theologian of Anglicanism whose writings helped shape church polity.
English preacher at the time of the first Great Awakening.
Considered the founder of Methodism.
Leading Brazilian Liberation Theology writer.
Associated with the theology of Double Predestination.

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