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The first standard seatbelts1958
The first heads-up display1987/88
The first air conditioner1939/40
The first CD player1986/87
The first automatic transmission1939 'Hydra-Matic'
The first American car to have standard daytime running lights1996
The first power windows1939/40
The first standard dual airbags1987
The first turbocharged car1961/62
The first 8-track player1965
The first power seat1947/48
The first hardtop convertible1948/49
The first OEM radio1929/30
The first power steering1950/51
The first casette player1977/78
The best selling nameplate worldwide39mil.+ sold since 1966
The first airbags1973/74 full size models
The first FM radio1958
The first touchscreen controls1986

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