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Can you answer the trivia questions about the Broadway musical Hamilton from A-Z? *See game note*

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The 'bastard, orphan, son of a wh*re' who won't throw away his shot.A
Lead character's 'first friend' who serves as the narrator for most of the show.B
What ex-General tells anybody who would listen: 'Washington cannot be left alone to his devices, indecisive, from crisis to crisis'?C
Song title: Ten ___ CommandmentsD
The middle Schuyler sister.E
The colonies 'needed money and guns and half a chance, who provided those funds?'F
Who is 'the one man who can give us a command so we can rise up!'?G
What song began at a ball and ended with an engagement?H
Finish the lyric: 'We're finally on the field, we've had quite a run. ___, we get the job done!'I
Who missed out on the war because he was kickin' *ss as the ambassador to France?J
What character makes his introduction in the song 'You'll Be Back'?K
Who is 'America's favorite fightin' Frenchman'?L
Who wrote the music, lyrics and book for this musical?M
What song is directly before intermission and describes what most of the characters did after the war?N
Song title: Your ___ ServantO
Who was going to 'blow us all away'?P
Finish the lyric: 'A game of chess, where France is ___ and Kingless'.Q
What pamphlet was written to try to clear the lead character's name?R
Finish the lyric: 'Talk less! ___ more! Don't let them know what you're against or what you're for!S
The narrator's wife and daughter.T
Where did the Hamilton's move to work through the unimaginable?U
Where is Washington from?V
Finish the lyric: 'And if there's a reason I'm still alive when everyone who loves me has died, I'm willing to ___ for it.'W
The last battle of the Revolutionary war whose results turned the world upside down.Y
What year was the election in which there was a tie that was broken only after the lead character endorsed his long time enemy over his former friend?#

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