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Can you name the people, planets, or things from the new series of Doctor Who from A-Z?

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The girl who waited.A
If you don't want to live to death, then don't even ____B
He got kicked out of the FBI because he wanted to get married. Sort of...C
He built a reality bomb.D
He thinks apples are disgusting, but likes fish fingers and custard.E
The number of knocks the tenth doctor will hear before he dies.F
The Doctor's home planet.G
You know who she is.H
Her body was used to house the Tardis' matrix for a time.I
She was the first mother to slap The Doctor.J
Twin planet of Raxacoricofallapatorius.K
4022 people were saved when this planet was sealed off for over 100 years.L
Spoilers! River Song is really_____ _____M
Joan Redfern, Rory, and Commander Strax all have this in commonN
They sing songs of the Doctor Donna.O
This species can mimic the internal structure and genetic material of other beings by sucking their blood.P
The last centurion.R
It doesn't do wood.S
The Master names his cyborgs after this Gallifreyan fairytale monster.T
Where the last of human kind wanted to go when the universe was dying.U
They are why you are afraid of the dark.V
This prime minister calls The Doctor for help after one of his scientists 'creates' the 'Ironsides'.W
Which Queen Elizabeth reigned on the Starship UK for 300 years?X
The literally absent minded professor who was hiding at the end of the universeY
The Atraxi threatened to destroy Earth if the humans did not turn over this escaped prisoner.Z

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