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Can you name the Superheroes and Villains Based on Anagrams of Their Names?

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In ManorMarvel Hero
Live DreadMarvel Hero
Wine LoverMarvel Hero
Nab MatDC Hero
Ran Hot MuchMarvel Hero
He Roll TuxDC Villain
Maniac Pita RaceMarvel Hero
Ripe HunsMarvel Hero
Dream SpinMarvel Hero
Demo GearMarvel Villain
Hobo BlingMarvel Villain
Cod Odor TomMarvel Villain
For Rex SopsMarvel Hero
NightMarvel Hero
Toga MenMarvel Villain
Err Liver FussMarvel Hero
Am Tan CowDC Villain
Big MatMarvel Hero
Rune MapsDC Hero
Angry JeeMarvel Hero
Tidal Thread KeysMarvel Villain
Other BoatsMarvel Villain
Gut June RagMarvel Villain
Mace InMarvel Hero
Rig To ShredMarvel Hero
Naval Tire CampMarvel Hero

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