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Can you name the Stevie Wonder songs based on definitions of their titles?

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DefinitionSong Title
The current state of existing solely for an individual urban area.
An inquiry seeking to affirm the beauty of a female individual.
Emanating from the base of the organ which pumps & receives blood.
A respectful form of address to a man named after the male ruler of a duchy.
Preposition; to the same degree, amount, or extent, equally.
A hard, durable black wood along with the hard white substance found in various animal tusks.
Additional self-luminious, large heavenly body.
Statement of the transfer of possession of oneself to a 2nd party as facilitated & averred by signature, the close of an envelope, and transportation by postal service.
DefinitionSong Title
A belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, dealing with the ominous nature of an occurrence.
A solid surface of earth or soil having a greater extent upwards than others like it.
Tense, nervous or jittery (however, all is generally acceptable or well).
Delighted; in a state of excessive happiness.
An individual who provides physical and emotional fulfillment on a temporary basis.
Explanation of a reason for contacting someone via telephone for the sole purpose of expressing a platitude of deep emotional affection & attachment.
Woven strip or band of fine material whose current location is near or upon the region of clouds or upper air.

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