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The initial stands for Robert... is he still Trapped in the Closet?
Group which performs 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies'
One half of this 80's duo became a 'Father Figure'... the other was just Andrew Ridgeley.
Talented (and punctuated) drummer for hip-hop band The Roots
Preferred pronunciation of this indie band is 'Chk-Chk-Chk'
Michigan-based classic rock band, performed '96 Tears'
She went from singing hooks for Flo Rida to using Your Love as her Drug
'Bartender' was this hard rock group's one hit
Band/Artist InfoBand or Artist
Female MC whose albums include 'Kala' and 'Arular'
'Another Morning Stoner' band - their name is so long you'd assume the ellipsis would go at the end...
This band knew how to 'Walk the Dinosaur'
Hip-hop performer originally from A Tribe Called Quest, or perhaps a handy ear cleaner?
Boulder, CO-based electro hop group, name based on Boulder's area code
Oh, Natalie Merchant and her band's numerical properness. Now if only they could count the actual number of crazies...
Their video for 'Take on Me' revolutionized MTV
UK electronic rock group with hits 'Let's Make Out' and 'We Are Rockstars'

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