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Can you name the names and phrases containing names of birds?

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Hint'For the Birds' Answer
He robbed from the rich and gave to the poor
The lead protagonist of 'To Kill a Mockingbird', Scout's dad
Knock-off of The Brady Bunch, TV show starring Shirley Jones
Highest level attainable in the Boy Scouts of America
Star of 'The Notebook', 'Drive', and 'The Ides of March'
Cried 'The Sky is Falling!' in a famous fable
1972 John Waters film starring Divine, 'An Exercise in Poor Taste'
Current host of the Tonight Show, not without some controversy
Name of a western novel by Larry McMurtry and subsequent TV miniseries
One of six potential killers in Clue/Cluedo, the 'grand dame' of the game
Hint'For the Birds' Answer
American rock band with the hits 'Mr. Jones', 'A Long December' & 'Round Here'
Fictional character portrayed by John Wayne & Jeff Bridges in 2 film versions of 'True Grit'
American jazz pianist & composer; real name is Armando Anthony Corea
Classic 4-act ballet by Tchaikovsky; central figures Odette and Siegfried
In the Nick cartoon 'Doug', Doug Funnie's imagined superhero alter-ego
1992 John Grisham legal thriller & subsequent film starring Julia Roberts & Denzel Washington
Main 'protagonist' of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, played by Johnny Depp
American primetime TV series (1981-1990) centered on the Gioberti family & its winery
Fable written by Richard Bach; a bird learns of life & flight (1970)
Young actress, first appeared as Olivia on The Cosby Show, then in eponymous Disney series

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