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DefinitionFamous NameGained Fame As A(n)...
Infamous radio DJ; firm, strict, or uncompromisingRadio DJ
Performer, 'Sweet Caroline'; mineral at 10 on Moh's scale of hardnessSinger/songwriter
Boy band and reality dancing star; of the lowest pitch or rangePop singer
Yankees legend #7; portion of the earth between crust and coreBaseball player
Invented the Polaroid camera; a realm or domainInventor
'Lions for Lambs' star; a pleasure voyage on a shipActor
Co-founder of Apple; posts of employmentCorporate magnate
1989 Heisman Trophy winner; article of merchandiseFootball player
Flamboyant rock frontman; Roman messenger of the godsRock singer
Director & producer of 'High Anxiety'; small streams of fresh waterDirector, comedian
18th U.S. President; to bestow or confer by formal actU.S. President
1st UFC Light Heavyweight champion; a small trifoliate plantMMA fighter
Rapper, 'Mr. Mariah Carey'; a mounted gun for firing projectilesRapper, moocher
Two-time figure skating gold medalist; small disk serving as a clothing fastenerOlympic athlete
1990s British PM; one of superior rank or abilityBritish Prime Minister
DefinitionFamous NameGained Fame As A(n)...
Raiders HOF offensive tackle; lower pastry crust of a pieNFL player
2002 Tony Award winning actress; to care for or cherishActress
WNBA All-Star center; gray North American timber wolfBasketball player
Aptly named #82 NASCAR driver; rate of motion or progressNASCAR driver
Author, 'The Red Badge of Courage'; a device for lifting and moving heavy weightsAuthor
'Gold Dust Woman' and raspy rock icon; small notches or groovesRock singer
Actor, 'Body Heat' and 'The Big Chill'; to affect adversely or harmActor
CEO and center of Enron scandal; to put or place in a particular positionCorporate executive
Hall of Fame Reds catcher; a seat occupied by a judgeBaseball player
45th U.S. Vice President; murder, bloodshed, violenceU.S. Vice President
Legendary 70's rock guitarist; a boy servant or attendantGuitarist
1981 Grammy winner, Best New Artist; angry, annoyed or ill-temperedPop singer
Played CIA agent Sydney Bristow; to gather, collect or hoardActress
Pulitzer Prize winner, 'The Executioner's Song'; an advertising brochure or form letterAuthor
One of NBA's 50 Greatest Players; the straight stalk of a tall grassBasketball player

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