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'Opposite Names' Chain
BEGIN: Comic actor, ''Nacho Libre' & 'High Fidelity' 
Required male attire (neckwear) for a very formal affair 
The result when two teams end with the same score 
American-based video game and console chain 
Slam on the car brakes without much notice 
A set of 2 pancakes instead of 3, usually at IHOP or a diner 
Sookie and Jason's last name on 'True Blood', also NBA pro Jerry 
To train a pet or animal to use the bathroom indoors 
To make progress, specifically to start construction on new project 
Seasoning option for salads & entrees at fancy restaurants 
A type of Monterey Jack cheese using jalapenos for flavor 
END: Rock star of the White Stripes & Raconteurs 
VMA Feud Chain
BEGIN: Rapper with hits such as 'Stronger' & 'Gold Digger' 
Gay-friendly section of LA nicknamed 'WeHo' 
Legendary California amphitheatre for musical performances 
To overwhelm with surprise or wonder; floor or astonish 
Meaning from one end to the other OR denim work trousers with bib and straps 
Honor bestowed to many of the best college athletes 
Dairy product, usually sliced & either yellow or white 
Versions of this include the Quarter Pounder and Whopper 
Fast food chain with slogan, 'Have it Your Way' 
Popular version of the Bible named after royalty 
Folk singer, 'Fire & Rain' and 'Sweet Baby James' 
END: Who that rapper (clue 1) interrupted at the 2009 VMAs 
Star Wars vs. Star Trek Chain
BEGIN: Hero of Star Wars Eps. 4-6, Anakin's son 
California headquarters of Star Wars director George Lucas 
Chain of fresh-grilled chicken sandwich restaurants, mainly in U.S. 
Bob Marley song used in Jamaican tourism ads 
Lady GaGa club hit involving 'disco stick' metaphor 
Declaration of highly competitive people, also a 1995 British sitcom 
State of being placed on the 'other line' while on the telephone 
To prove to be correct over a long period of time 
Loyal & unwavering in support; also an album and song by Madonna 
When you look up, a harbinger of a clear and beautiful day 
Jude Law/Gwyneth Paltrow film ending in '...and the World of Tomorrow' 
END: USS Enterprise head played notably by William Shatner 
American Idol Loser & Winner Chain
BEGIN: 6th place Idol finalist turned Best Supporting Actress 
Famous New York river named after a notable explorer 
Body of land at either side of, well, a river 
Money given by a financial institution to a business or person, to be repaid 
He may offer you funds, to be repaid under heavy threats 
Popular 7-day Discovery Channel feature dedicated to sea predators 
Term for Saturday & Sunday; with Friday, it's a 'three-day' one 
Area at either end of American football field where one scores TDs 
Base strategy to prevent scoring in both football & basketball 
U.S. strategic post recently held by Donald Rumsfeld 
Position of leadership in the UN once held by Kofi Annan 
Conferedate leader, & the name of the car in 'Dukes of Hazzard' 
END: Winner of 'American Idol's' ninth season 
NBA Conference Foes Chain
BEGIN: Floridian NBA franchise that just signed LeBron James 
Condition where body temperature rises to 105 degrees or more 
One-hit wonder rock band, 'Little Black Backpack' 
Often the highest numbered (and lofted) club in a golf bag 
Marvel comic hero portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr. 
Jillian's 'masculine' nickname in a famous episode of 'Seinfeld' 
Without a doubt, clear-cut; also a song by Dashboard Confessional 
Colloquial nickname for Australia & the outback 
Competitor not expected to win; also a cartoon canine with superpowers 
Type of 'Afternoon' had by Al Pacino in a bank robbery film 
Description of an item that you have had for between 24-48 hours 
American lager-style beer brand name containing a Midwestern city 
END: Wisconsin-based NBA team; Brandon Jennings is their star 
HBO vs. Showtime Chain
BEGIN: Current HBO vampire hit starring Anna Paquin 
Van Damme plays Frank Dux, 'ultimate martial artist' in this film 
The S and U in the automobile class 'SUV' 
Batman keeps many of his high-tech gadgets in this 
Clasp for fastening two ends of strap that holds up your pants 
Two-word reminder to fasten your seatbelt 
Positive and sunny; or a song with a quick tempo 
Form of verbal percussion using lips to make drum beats 
Enclosed railroad car used to transport goods, a 'covered wagon' in UK 
Protective slip cloth draped over an automobile 
Loose fitting protective garment worn over clothing; heavier version of an overall 
Literally drenched, or an idiom meaning completely wrong 
Woman hired to breast feed another woman's child 
END: Showtime series, Edie Falco plays drug-addicted hospital worker 

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