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QUIZ: Can you name the offbeat Family Guy trivia answers from A-Z?

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A: First name of the rival piano teacher of Lois.
B: The name of Cleveland's brother, who is a cosmetic surgeon.
C: The nickname of Miles Musket, founder of Quahog.
D: Mayor West has a solid gold statue erected of this food-related character.
E: Daughter of English conman Nigel whom Stewie cannot teach sophistication
F: The name of the pancake house Meg works at to support 'her crack-addicted baby'.
G: Epidemic that causes Peter to homeschool his kids in 'Foreign Affairs'
H: Brand of car the Black Knight drives in 'Mr. Saturday Knight'.
I: Last name of woman who conducts Peter's sensitivity training course.
J: Native American name Peter claims to have in 'The Son Also Draws'.
K: Peter's addiction to Red Bull causes him to need a replacement of this
L: Peanuts character who Lois kicks in the face in the 'Lethal Weapons' episode.
M: Disease which Meg contracts at a Star Trek convention.
ClueAnswer (A-Z)
N: Peter attempts to set a world record by eating a bag full of these.
O: Lois' main nickname when she competes as a prize-fight boxer.
P: When Stewie meets Stu, his future self, what is Stu's favorite magazine?
Q: Stewie Griffin's 'Ferengi' cousin in Star Trek: DSV parody scene
R: Name of the character Brian's gay cousin Jasper marries.
S: Sitcom Peter pays a South American tribe of natives to re-enact an episode from.
T: Cartoon theme song playing while Meg & Adam West carry out their affair in a motel room.
U: (Last Name) Actress whom Peter dumps when he discovers she isn't Lola Falana.
V: In 'The Splendid Source', location of bar where the guys reunite with Cleveland
W: Name of manual hand drier in Geronimo's Palace casino.
X: Item which Peter uses to 'buy back' his children's love after an April Fool's apocalypse hoax
Y: In 'Hell Comes to Quahog', cartoon character Peter kills as a favor to the Park Ranger
Z: Character Michael J. Fox is referenced to have played in 'Long John Peter'

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