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Can you name the Oscar winners for Best Picture - with one wrong letter?

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'New Film' DescriptionBest Picture (With 1 Letter Changed)
Chicago caper film in which the stars are constantly derailed by a really, really foul stench.
Farm-based tale of one spotlight-hogging, narcissistic sheep.
Film about a fake film in which everyone is always drawing conclusions in Latin.
One immigrant turns his Atlantic fishing business into a criminal empire.
War film in which no one can seem to stop ingesting a popular brand of tequila.
One man's obsession with an orange... but only on the surface.
Some morons get the bright idea to pal around with feral canines. They foxtrot... okay, bad pun.
The life story of a man from Greenbow, Alabama, who runs cross-country to escape his gingivitis.
Lives interweave in Los Angeles as tensions boil over about garbage pickup.
A musical about an American-born person of Mexican descent... and all that jazz.
'New Film' DescriptionBest Picture (With 1 Letter Changed)
One boxer's quest to amass the world's largest collection of dress shirts.
Until his gang of baby-delivering birds rules NYC... he won't stop dancing.
In South Boston, a cop goes undercover to catch illegal immigrants.
A German businessman has a change of heart while cleaning his washer/dryer.
An Austrian composer goes around telling everyone he is God.
The film is literally just about one type of alcohol. 'A terrible version of Sideways,' one critic said.
High-energy film where the actors get really excited about kalamatas! And green ones stuffed with pimentos!
This time, the story is focused not on Ray Babbitt, but his conceited brother Charlie.
One-upping himself, Phileas Fogg repeats his voyage four score, each time different.
'People come and go' in this establishment, and everyone leaves with new thyroids & pancreas!

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