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Can you name the fictional movie doctors, the actors who played them, & the films in which they appear?

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101: Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush 
102: Dr. Nicholas Garrigan 
103: Dr. Lawrence Gordon 
104: Dr. Rumack 
105: Dr. Yuri Zhivago 
106: Dr. Ben Sobel 
107: Dr. Frank-N-Furter 
108: Dr. Egon Spengler 
109: Dr. Evil 
110: Dr. Wilbur Larch 
111: Dr. Richard Kimble 
112: Dr. Julius No 
113: Dr. Emmett Brown 
114: Dr. Stuart Price 
115: Dr. Malcolm Crowe 
201: Harrison Ford 
202: Billy Crystal 
203: Mike Myers 
204: Ed Helms 
205: Tim Curry 
206: Michael Caine 
207: Bruce Willis 
208: Joseph Wiseman 
209: Groucho Marx 
210: James McAvoy 
211: Cary Elwes 
212: Omar Sharif 
213: Harold Ramis 
214: Leslie Nielsen 
215: Christopher Lloyd 
301: Dr. No 
302: Back to the Future 
303: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 
304: Doctor Zhivago 
305: Saw 
306: The Hangover 
307: Austin Powers in Goldmember 
308: Airplane! 
309: The Sixth Sense 
310: The Fugitive 
311: Analyze This 
312: The Last King of Scotland 
313: A Day at the Races 
314: Ghostbusters 
315: The Cider House Rules 

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