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Ganymede, Io, and Europa are each one of these
The athletic teams at Stanford are nicknamed this
Actor Geoffrey, won Academy Award for 'Shine'
The 'G' in Roy G. Biv
Josey Wales was referred to as this
Small red fruit with seeds on the outside
Identity of a specific product, service or business (i.e. Nike, Macy's)
Musician responsible for 'Alphabet St.' and 'Kiss'
Word that follows 'Berlin', 'Hadrian's', & 'Western'
Shorthand term for condiment featuring oil, egg yolk & vinegar
University located in Philadelphia, or a religious structure
The Proclaimers would walk 500 of these
A red one means love, a white one symbolizes friendship
Description that can precede the words curve, jar, or pepper
Former NSYNC member Lance, or a type of fish
Name missing from John, Ringo and George
Eight pints equal one of these
General term for Indian/South Asian side dishes
Tina Turner wants to know: what's 'this' got to do with it?
First name of the doubting Apostle
What each of the 20 answers has in common

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