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Home to the Flyers and 76ers
Edwin Starr asked 'what is it good for?'
Term for a film generally lasting under 40 minutes
By contrast, term for a film lasting over 40 minutes
JC Penney's catchphrase states 'It's All (here)'
Swayze and Moore starred in this haunting film
Where you feel herniated disc and lumbar pains
The chemical symbol for this element is Pb
In film, Barbra Streisand was 'this' kind of girl
To do your own rendition of another's song
It may be 8:00 pm for children and midnight for adults
Film genre of 'Saw', 'The Ring', and 'Friday the 13th'
Bing Crosby is dreaming of a white one
A child's plaything, like a slinky, top, or action figure
Initials of the city that Randy Newman loves in song
Tinkerbell was one of these
Generally more plausible to be true than false
Word that precedes 'Lies', 'Grit', & 'Crime' in film titles
Cupid's arrow may cause you to fall in this
Last name of NFL standout Howie and his NFL standout son Jake
What word can follow each of these 20 answers?

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