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QUIZ: Can you name the Hunger Games characters by unhelpful description?

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Dead ringer for Delly
Victor by chance. Clearly superior.
What a hottie. with a body.
Uses socks for mittens.
don't ask what's in the soup
too bad about the tongue...
Its going to be a big big wig
step away from the underage girls
lookin good in that coal miner getup
I dare you to be more creepy.
just continue to be silent and personality-less. At least you can accessorize.
nightlock is TOTALLY edible
can give lessons on how to be angsty. needs lessons on how to channel emotions.
nakedness and morphine addiction are totally normal symptoms
every book needs a grumpy animal sidekick
so unexpectedly resourceful. expectedly intoxicated.
go ahead. throw a temper tantrum maybe it'll help you win the games.
nonviolent protests (that are 100% fierce)
while Cinna was creating art, you were...?
Maybe you would have lived if you had a real name
Just cover your ears and all the bad things will go away
Name sounds like a citrus.
Is a person. But all signs point towards large feline
The president everyone seems to forget about
Likes self in the color green
Gives really obscure and unhelpful hints... kind of like this quiz!

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