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Can you name the The characters or things as defined by Prim's cat, Buttercup?

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Buttercup's descriptionAnswer
da bestest hoomin evr
da evil evadin enemy dat keepz evadin. but ill get him nex tyme
doz not desrv to hav 'cat' in her namez
makes nomz. soundz lyk nomz
i haz animl fryend. maybee.
name rymez wit tail. i haz tail.
i nevr met her, but she da biggist kitteh.
iz pretteh. pretteh rymez wif kitteh and i iz kitteh. he iz not kitteh.
Buttercup's descriptionAnswer
also haz 'cat' in namez. iz not cat.
name iz made frum water. kittehz no lyk watr
also makez nomz. buttercup iz not nomz. kittehz not yummie in soupz.
kittehz cleen selvs wif tungz. dey no hav tungz :(
kan make fishy hux. kittehz eat fishez. nomz.
lukz lyke flyz. don taste az gud.
Bestest kitteh everrrrrr :) :) :) :)

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