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The name of Alanna's pony
The color of George's eyes
The name of the city that Thom, Alanna's brother goes to
The inn that houses the court of the rouge
The thing that the Nameless Ones fear above all else
The name of Alanna's sword
Myles is the Baron of this place
This friend of Alanna's died of the Sweating Sickness
Alanna's excuse for her injuries (in truth administered by Ralon)
Duke Baird's profession
The Bazhir refer to the two gods who are to fight the Nameless Ones by these names
The queen's name
The summer-time activity Alanna refuses to participate in
The governor of Persopolis Castle
Alex is often compared to this animal
Alanna's drink of choice when she visits George at the inn
The name of Alanna's sponsor her first few days at court
Upon first meeting him, Alanna accuses Ralon of kissing this animal
The Nameless Ones are in truth called this
After being a page for four years, Alanna moves on to take this title
The colors of Alanna's royal uniform
The flower thrown into fire to perform magic
Most of Alanna's teachers are priests of this god
The name of the room from which the Black City can be observed
When Jonathan asks Alanna who she thinks should be his squire, Alanna suggests this person

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