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QUIZ: Can you name the List of Crew (Rowing) Terms?

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Attending Ergometer sessions
Not Attending Ergometer sessions
Pulling Hard on an Ergometer (no life)
Not Pulling Hard on an Ergometer (Laze)
Starting off hard and 'blowing out'
Sections of an Ergometer workout
Usual distance of a race in the Fall season
Usual distance of a spring race
Most embarrassing event a rower can experience
Next worst thing
Third worst thing
Believe it or not, they go fast
Not QUITE varsity
Scum of the boat
OTHER scum of the boat
Here's the work...
... and here's the party!
Get your mind out of the gutter and row both sides!
Boat lacking annoying noises
____ SIDE!
_________ SIDE!
Dreaded Call
Dreaded Call, but not quite
Dreaded Call, hardcore
Make them eat your ****
Spring race hell
Everyone in an 8+ out of time

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