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QUIZ: Can you name the Ian Douglas 'Star Marines' Saga Trivia?

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HintFactExtra Trivia
Trilogy 1
Trilogy 2
Trilogy 3
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
Book 5
Book 6
Book 7
Book 8
Book 9
Enemy faced in 2040-42
Enemy faced in 2067
Enemy faced in 2138-48
'Enemy' faced in 2170
Main Enemy Faced in 2148-4004
HintFactExtra Trivia
Method of FTL Travel
Method of FTL Travel
Method of FTL Travel
Method of FTL Communication
Main Lineage Family
Main Lineage Family
Main Lineage Family
Main Lineage Family
Sands of _______ Garroway
Secret 'Weapon' used to defeat the UN forces at the Battle of Cydonia
First Self-Aware AI
Name of Xul ship stuck in Europa's ocean
Name of Ahannu planet
Name of system w/ first stargate humanity encountered
'Weapon' used to destroy the first Xul Huntership
Method of Attack the Xul used on Earrth
Human Nickname given to Xul Strike on Earth
HintFactExtra Trivia
New Official Language of the Commonwealth in 2877-
Planet the United Star Marines attack at the beginning of book 7
Shape of Xul Hunterships
Shape of Xul Hunterships
Nickname for Xul Type-3 ships
'Location' of USMC Skybase
Commanding Officer of the 1-MIEF
Official Name given to Skybase when it joins 1-MIEF
First Victory for 1-MIEF against the Xul
'Weapon' used to destroy said Xul Base
General shape of Xul combat drones
Location of the largest Xul Nexus
Structure Surrounding said Nexus
Nickname for Marines who entered cybe-hybe for 850 years
Nickname for Marines who did not enter cybe-hybe for 850 years
Location of Final Battle Against the Xul

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