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The last one to fall will never _________ _____ ____.
I'm so busy, got nothing to do Spent the last 2 hours just _____ __ ____
The best time to wear a _______ _______ is all the time
Well, if you take your leg and you _____ __ __ ___ ___ , And then you take the other one and jam it right up there
Now that we're men, we have ______ ____ Now that we're men, I change my underwear
I know I shouldn't mope around, I shouldn't curse, But the ____ _____ __ ____ _____
You go ____ ___ ____, left to right, Loop-de-loop and you pull 'em tight,
I just had a sandwich, No ordinary sandwich, A sandwhich filled with _________ _____
But this grill is not a home. This is not the stove I know. I would _____ __ ___ ____ If you'd come back to stay.
You don't ____ _ _____ __ ___. Plastic wings may make you cry. Kites are made for windy days. Lawn chair with balloonsfly away!
F is for frolic through all the flowers, U is for ukelele, N is for ____-_______ _______ ___, and ____-_______
If nautical nonsense be somethin' ya wish. Sponge Bob Square Pants! Then ____ __ ___ ____ ___ ____ ____ _ ____. Sponge Bob Square Pants!

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