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Mushu, Shang, Crikee
*Character Name* 
Samson, Philipe, Maleficent
Sleeping beauty 
Gus, Jaq, Anastasia
*Character Name* 
Flit, Meeko, Percy
*Character Name* 
Milo, Audrey, Kashekim
Atlantis: The Lost Empire 
Eric, Sebastion, Flounder
The Little Mermaid 
Kala, Terk, Tantor
Mother Gothel, Flynn, Pascal
Phoebus, Victor, Frollo
The Hunchback of Notredame 
Phil, Hades, Pain
Hercules/ Heracles 
Adam, Gaston, Chip
Beauty and the Beast 
White rabbit, Dinah, Mad Hatter
*Character Name* in Wonderland 
Naveen, Charlotte, Louis
The Princess and the Frog 
Genie, Rajah, Abu
Bashful, Sneezy, Doc
*Character Name* and the seven Dwarfs 
Edward, Narissa, Pip
Nani, Jumba, Scrump
*Character Name* & Stitch 
John, Michael, Nana
Peter pan 
Roger, Colonol, Captain
101 Dalmatians 
Jock, Trusty, Aunt Sarah
*Character Name* and the Tramp 

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