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Can you name the members of the Free Folk?

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Has a keep, beds his daughters
Wife of the King-Beyond-The-Wall
Known as the 'Wildling Princess'
Jon Snow's lover
Can warg into three wolves, shadowcat, and a snow bear
Taken captive by House Stark
Wears armor made of bone
Killed by Jon Snow while warged into an eagle
Called 'Dogshead', infamous raider
The Magnar of Thenn
Chose to become a member of the Night's Watch
Becomes leader of Free Folk after former becomes captured
Goes with Samwell Tarly south of The Wall
A giant held at Castle Black
Can warg into a boar
Has blood of Raymun Redbeard
Fell from The Wall while attempting to climb
Slain by Qhorin Halfhand
Killed and killed by Donal Noye

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