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MonthColumnistColumn Title
Nov 2001That Damn Good
Dec 2001I Love it, I Hate It
Apr 2002The Professor's Classroom
May 2002SWAT
Jun 2002Out of the Ashes
Jul 2002All About the Game
Aug 2002Gimmicks Die Hard
Sep 2002The Wrestling Menu
Oct 2002The Fifth Column
Nov 2002Card Subject to Change
Jan 2003My So-Called Column
Feb 2003The Whole Damn Column
Apr 2003Ridin' With the Bossman
May 2003The Forseze View
Jun 2003Take Up Thy Wrestling Boots and Walk
Jul 2003Catch a Bad One
Aug 2003Turnbuckle Tailgate
Sep 2003The Hoss Report
Oct 2003The XY Files
Nov 2003The Crazy Train
Dec 2003Let it Snow
Jan 2004Under the Fleece
Feb 2004Excuse the Aggravation
Mar 2004Sports Entertainment Xplained
Apr 2004The Nosebleed Section
May 2004All About the Game
Jun 2004The Sharpshooter
Jul 2004Flight of the Phoenix
Aug 2004All About the Game
Sep 2004The Eyes of The Monkey
Oct 2004Selective Memory v2
Nov 2004Enter the Dream Realm
Dec 2004Enter the Dream Realm
Jan 2005Enter the Dream Realm
Feb 2005The Northern Star
Mar 2005The New Joint
Apr 2005BC Does the WWE
MonthColumnistColumn Title
May 2005The New Joint
Jun 2005On the Couch
Jul 2005The Northern Star
Aug 2005Hardtime
Sep 2005The Eyes of the Monkey
Oct 2005Legend or Not, Here H Comes
Nov 2005Write My Column
Dec 2005Hardtime
Feb 2006Train of Thought
Mar 2006Pulp Wrestling
Apr 2006The World According To....
May 2006Pulp Wrestling
Jun 2006Struggle for Power
Jul 2006Why I Watch
Sep 2006On the Couch
Oct 2006All About the Game
Nov 2006On the Couch
Jan 2007Pulp Wrestling
Feb 2007Supreme Xperience
Mar 2007Struggle for Power
Apr 2007On the Couch
May 2007Kwang the Column
Jun 2007When in Rome
Jul 2007Shuffle Up and Deal
Sep 2007The 16th Stop on the Road
Nov 2007Untitled
Jan 2008In Your Hole
Feb 2008Shuffle Up and Deal
Mar 2008Taste My Rainbow
Apr 2008Hardtime
May 2008The Mega Column
Jun 2008Chamber of Pain
Jul 2008The Madranter
Aug 2008The Madranter
Sep 2008The Spider's Web
Oct 2008The 'History of' Series
MonthColumnistColumn Title
Nov 2008Two Dope Boy$ In a Cadillac
Dec 2008The Shinobi Series
Jan 2009The Eyes of The Monkey
Feb 2009Classic Paper Review
Mar 2009Nothing but Net
Apr 2009A View From the Rafters
May 2009International Fun Slide
Jun 2009The Boomerang Prophecies
Jul 2009?
Aug 2009?
Sep 2009?
Oct 2009?
Nov 2009?
Dec 2009?
Jan 2010?
Feb 2010?
Mar 2010?
Apr 2010?
May 2010?
Jun 2010?
Aug 2010?
Sep 2010?
Oct 2010?
Nov 2010?
Dec 2010?
Jan 2011?
Feb 2011?
Mar 2011?
Apr 2011?
May 2011?
Jun 2011?
Jul 2011?
Aug 2011?
Sep 2011?
Oct 2011?
Nov 2011?
Dec 2011?

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