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she is blind
she is a swimmer
she is Melissa's sister
she is a shoplifter
she ended up in radley
she is hannas mother
he hacks phones
who was melissa's boyfriend who died
he is Alisons brother
she went missing
who broke into houses
whos dad had a affair
he was killed on the halloween ghost train
emilys girlfriend who died
who is ''A''
aria's mother
spencers boyfrriend
name of the show
where do the live
name of the school
Who were the homecoming king and queen?
Person who stalks the girls is?
who was the dj at the fashion show
what was Hanna's old nickname?
Who gets hung in the bell tower?
what college does Emily want to get into for swim?
Who finds Ian dead?
Instead of giving Spencer Melissa's ring, what does the man at the counter give her?
Who's office get's destroyed?
What does the note say that Jason got the night ali was murdered?
what was the suicide note made of?
who's taking pottery class at Hollis?
What name does aria disguise herself as so Jenna won't know that it's her?
What was Emily's boyfriend called?
Who was originally suspected of killing Alison?
Who broke into Jasons shed?
Who does Aria's mum think Ezra is dating?
Aria's last name:
Did Noel really choke?
what was in jasons shed

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