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his ability is preflex
the brains of the group
he has a sock monkey
who said i can read you like a book
what is the school called
who sent notes to ian
who is cj's dad
what is the computer called
who won the election
who was gabe competing against in the election
who does ian hate the most
what book tells ian what to do
where does ian find the cyclopse skull
what colour is the tower preps uniform
what student is redfang
who stole the chemica desin
who created tower prep
whos room does ian move into
what symbol is spray painted on the walls
who joins coach historys buffer team
who does ray fancy
who does cj fancy ...ian archer or cal rice
who can change voices
who is sukis brother
who shares a room with ian and gabe
what is the detention facility called
after the great unknown left who moved into their room
who stole everyones things and blamed ian
what does ian find in his room
what does ian,suki,and gabe see in their dream

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