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I will stand right by your side I have made it through the fight
Treat the poison before it destroys us
We are the undead, rising from the grave
You are a liar, you are a thief spare me the pleasure of your company
I look for help can't find it anywhere my own reflection is the one sight that I cannot bear
I think you made a mistake you think you've won by kicking mud in my face
You say I'm so deluded you say that I am blind
Sometime I wonder why I'm still waiting sometime I'm shaking that's how you make me
Are we just lost in time I wonder if your loves the same
I'm where the water worms grow dead people play and now i know its my soul thats fading
Dont waste your time with an attitude don't hold back just let it scream
Shadows fall on yesterday it's like time just slips away
I will never come undone I'm the bullet in the gun hear my heart kick like a drum still beating

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