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Can you name the notable actors or celebrities who have appeared in guest roles on Seinfeld?

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Joel Hornick1.3 Male Unbonding
Alton Benes2.3 The Jacket
Ava2.7 The Revenge, 3.10 The Stranded
Tor2.8 The Heart Attack
Lt. Bookman3.5 The Library
Babu Bhatt3.7 The Cafe, 4.15 The Visa
Landlord3.9 The Nose Job
Steve Pocatillo3.10 The Stranded
Dick3.12 The Red Dot
Himself3.17 The Boyfriend: Part 1, 3.18 The Boyfriend: Part 2
Tim3.19 The Limo
Angela3.20 The Good Samaritan
Nina3.21 The Letter
Mike Moffit3.22 The Parking Space
Murphy Brown3.23 The Keys
Newscaster4.1 The Trip: Part 1
Himself4.1 The Trip: Part 1
Himself4.1 The Trip: Part 1
Himself4.1 The Trip: Part 1
Himself4.1 The Trip: Part 1, 7.15 The Shower Head
Tobias Lehigh Nagy4.2 The Trip: Part 2
Mel Sanger4.7 The Bubble Boy
Receptionist4.8 The Cheever Letters
Ricky Ross4.8 The Cheever Letters
Marla Penny4.10 The Virgin, 4.11 The Contest
Nurse4.11 The Contest
Skycap/Boss4.12 The Airport, 6.10 The Race
Babu's Friend4.15 The Visa
Molly Dalrymple4.16 The Shoes
Gail Cunningham4.16 The Shoes
Sharon Leonard4.17 The Outing
Jack4.18 The Old Man
Sid Fields4.18 The Old Man
Mrs. Oliver4.18 The Old Man
Sid Fields' Housekeeper4.18 The Old Man
Sidra4.19 The Implant
Betsy4.19 The Implant
Ray4.20 The Handicap Spot
Carl4.22 The Smelly Car
Michael Barth/George4.23 The Pilot
Tom Pepper/Kramer4.23 The Pilot
Melissa Shannon4.23 The Pilot
Cabbie4.23 The Pilot
Karen5.1 The Mango
Himself5.2 The Puffy Shirt
Dwayne5.3 The Glasses
Ellen de Granmont/Paula5.4 The Sniffling Accountant, 6.19 The Doodle
Woman at Mailbox5.4 The Sniffing Accountant
Laura5.6 The Lip Reader
Driver5.6 The Lip Reader
Mayor Candidate/Himself5.7 The Non-Fat Yogurt
Arthur Pensky5.8 The Barber
Jodi5.9 The Masseuse
Ricky5.10 The Cigar Store Indian
Himself5.10 The Cigar Store Indian
Doctor5.11 The Conversation
Jane5.12 The Stall
Tony5.12 The Stall
David5.13 The Dinner Party
Corinne5.14 The Marine Biologist
MacKenzie5.15 The Pie
Al5.16 The Stand-In
Son5.16 The Stand-In
Meryl5.17 The Wife
Aaron5.18 The Raincoats
Eric the Clown5.19 The Fire
Ronnie5.19 The Fire
Robin5.19 The Fire
Jane5.20 The Hamptons
Dr. Ben Pfeffer5.20 The Hamptons
Himself/Miss America Pageant Announcer5.21 The Opposite, 6.1 The Chaperone
Herself5.21 The Opposite
Manager5.21 The Opposite
Cushman5.21 The Opposite
Victoria5.21 The Opposite
Himself6.1 The Chaperone, 6.3 The Pledge Drive
Himself6.1 The Chaperone
Julie6.2 The Big Salad
PBS Telethon Producer6.3 The Pledge Drive
Clerk6.5 The Couch
Guy On Phone6.8 The Mom and Pop Store
Himself6.8 The Mom and Pop Store
Babs Kramer6.11 The Switch
Bonnie6.12 The Label Maker
Gary Fogel6.13 The Scofflaw
Rusty6.15 The Beard, 9.17 The Bookstore
Wendy6.16 The Kiss Hello
The Doorman6.17 The Doorman
Himself6.18 The Jimmy
Katie6.21 The Diplomat's Club, 8.9 The Abstinence
Herself6.23 The Understudy
Kim6.23 The Understudy
Player #2/Jesse6.23 The Understudy, 7.18 The Wig Master
Moviegoer talking to Jerry/Maroon Golf7.1 The Engagement, 9.20 The Puerto Rican Day
Woman #17.1 The Engagement
Bob 'Maestro' Cobb7.3 The Maestro, 7.16 The Doll
James7.4 The Wink
James' Telephone Voice7.4 The Wink
Himself7.4 The Wink
Tom - Elaine's Super/Manager7.5 The Hot Tub, 7.6 The Soup Nazi
Soup Nazi7.6 The Soup Nazi
Woman7.6 The Soup Nazi
Billy7.9 The Sponge
Herself7.14 The Cadillac
Katy7.14 The Cadillac
Waitress7.15 The Shower Head
Sally Weaver7.16 The Doll, 9.13 The Cartoon
Bob7.17 The Friars Club
Tony7.20 The Bottle Deposit
Farmer7.20 The Bottle Deposit
Beth Lookner7.21 The Wait Out, 8.19 The Yada Yada
David Lookner7.21 The Wait Out
Mr. Lager7.22 The Invitations
Jeannie Steinman7.22 The Invitations, 8.1 The Foundation
Kevin8.2 The Soul Mate, 8.3 The Bizarro Jerry
Gail8.2 The Soul Mate, 8.17 The English Patient
Feldman - Bizarro Kramer8.3 The Bizarro Jerry
Amanda8.3 The Bizarro Jerry
Office Worker8.3 The Bizarro Jerry
Man on Phone8.5 The Package
Clerk8.5 The Package
Mr. Oh8.7 The Checks
Brett8.7 The Checks
Ben Galvant8.9 The Abstinence
Himself8.9 The Abstinence
Himself8.9 The Abstinence
Himself8.9 The Abstinence
Himself8.9 The Abstinence
Smoker8.9 The Abstinence
Warden Betsy8.11 The Little Jerry
Kurt8.11 The Little Jerry
Marcelino8.11 The Little Jerry
Emily8.12 The Money
Shellbach8.13 The Comeback
Vincent8.13 The Comeback
Ellen8.14 The Van Buren Boys
Jenna8.16 The Pothole, 9.1 The Butter Shave
Izzy Mandelbaum8.17 The English Patient, 9.4 The Blood
Son8.18 The Nap
Mrs. Abbott8.19 The Yada Yada
Dr. Abbott8.19 The Yada Yada
Man outside Stadium8.20 The Millennium
Valerie8.20 The Millennium
Mary Anne8.21 The Muffin Tops
Rebecca DeMorne/Rebecca DeMornay8.21 The Muffin Tops, 9.17 The Bookstore
Herself8.22 The Summer of George
Sam8.22 The Summer of George
Lanette8.22 The Summer of George
Cop #18.22 The Summer of George
Stu Crespi9.1 The Butter Shave
Patty9.3 The Serenity Now
Henry Atkins - Postmaster General9.5 The Junk Mail
Himself9.6 The Merv Griffin Show
Dr. Sara Sitarides9.7 The Slicer
Usher9.8 The Betrayal
Jason 'Stanky' Hanky9.9 The Apology
Gregg9.9 The Apology
Denim Vest9.10 The Strike
Silvio9.12 The Reverse Peephole
Loretta9.14 The Strongbox
Maura9.14 The Strongbox
Waitress #29.15 The Wizard
Artie9.16 The Burning
Medical Student #19.16 The Burning
Slippery Pete9.18 The Frogger
Mr. Canterman9.20 The Puerto Rican Day
James Kimbrough9.23 The Finale: Part 1
D.A. Hoyt9.23 The Finale: Part 1, 9.24 The Finale: Part 2

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