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QUIZ: Can you name the movie titles that correspond with their meaning or origin?

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OriginFilm Title
Title of a school essay written by the main character's younger brother
Inspired by something the writer/director heard from a customer while working at Video Archives before the film was made
Term for the final stage of a magic trick
Main character's colloquial slang for a wealthy man who shares his last name
Peasant dish cooked up for a notorious food critic toward the end of the film
Number of films the director had made up to that point (including this one)
Nickname of the U.S. president featured in the film, derived from his middle name
'Army' of protesters in the film presumed to have caused untold biological destruction
Name of the lucrative sport invented by the main characters at a party
Bullet consisting of a soft core encased in a shell of harder metal
Code name of a futuristic program designed to engineer a perfect police officer
North Dakota city in which the film's opening scene is set
Third song on the controversial and trouble-plagued album whose 2-year making is chronicled in the film
OriginFilm Title
Title of the song, and its many arrangements, used for nearly all the score music in the film
Nickname of the fictional Dominican baseball player profiled in the film
Two properties handled by the shady real estate office featured in the film
Fictional, cancelled science fiction program on which the film's characters used to appear
Supposed number of soldiers commissioned with protecting their homeland from invaders in a legendary, ancient battle
Originally the film's descriptive working title, but its star reportedly refused to stay on the project if it was ever changed
Popular password first used in the Marx Brothers film 'Horse Feathers'
Nickname given by the San Francisco media to the serial killer who claimed to have murdered 37 victims in the 1960's and 1970's.
Term for a metaphor that encapsulates the concept of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory
Colloquial term to describe a pregnant woman
Code name assigned by government officials to the amateur video footage contained in the film
Medical condition where one feels he is in motion when he is stationary

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