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Can you name the characters from the Harry Potter series whose names are scrambled below?

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Forced Order
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Bulsa Melbodure
Pyrec Lasewye
Venille Tonglomtob
Ussiri Calbk
Rayhr Tertop
Lixtalreb Stranglee
Duumgunsnu Theceflr
Omt Drleid
Wenroa Venwalrac
Egroge Yeaslwe
Vineram Mclagonal
Sulicu Fyloma
Buuers Gradhi
Lordoes Bimudger
Licernuos Gefud
Kirtov Murk
Lazasar Thinylers
Nro Eelyaws
Maseus Nifinang
Ratyb Ruchoc
Racdo Folmya
Ruvsees Enasp
Locin Veeyrec
Lurfe Realoduc
Vealrend Wrobn
Sumer Pulni
Galeh Flepffhuf
Yill Tortpe
Firenr Backyerg
Sinuquiri Quellirr
Semja Ortpet
Nade Mathso
Alun Vologedo
Haltibad Shagbot
Dicrog Riforngfyd
Ronhimee Regarng
Hoc Hacng
Teepr Gretitepw
Mynaphorda Skont
Ledyud Sledury

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