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Lyrics from Alice in Chains' studio albums, including the Sap EP - Name the songs these lyrics belongs in.

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Forced Order
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I pushed and then you stumbled. I kicked you in the face; you stare at me so hollow... Dirt
I'm not saying that you haven't done a lot of good, but if there's one thing you can do, you can bleed for me...Facelift
Why you act crazy? Not an act, maybe. So close, a lady. Shifty eyes, shady...Jar of Flies
Wrong, in a sense too far gone from love. That don't last forever; something's gotta turn out right...SAP
So Lord, I see you grinnin'. Must be grand always winning. How proud are you being able to gather faith from fable?...Alice in Chains
I've been told dreaming's free, think I'll go back to sleep...The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Dust rise right on over my time, empty fossil of the new scene...Dirt
Feed my eyes - can you sew them shut? Jesus Christ, deny your maker. He who tries will be wasted...Facelift
And yet I fight, yet I fight, this battle all alone. No one to cry to, no place to call home...Jar of Flies
I tried to love you, I thought I could. I tried to own you, I thought I would...Facelift
You insult me in my home, you're forgiven this time. Things go well, your eyes dilate, you shake, and I'm high?...Alice in Chains
Into the flood again, same old trip it was back then. So I made a big mistake, try to see it once my way...Dirt
No one plans to take the path that brings you lower. And here you stand before us all and say 'it's over'...Black Gives Way to Blue
Straw that broke your back, you're under. Cast all them aside who care; empty eyes and dead end stare...Dirt
There I was, laid out on a table; screamin' sweat and bare feet to the floor. In my life, I'd not soften. Things that cut and burn so often...Facelift
Scary's on the wall. Scary's on his way. Another alley trip; bullet seek the place to bend you over...Facelift
A good night, the best in a long time. A new friend turned me on to an old favorite...Dirt
One who doesn't care is one who shouldn't be. I've tried to hide myself from what is wrong for me, for me...Dirt
Hey, your weak will won't help her heal her heart. Hey, I'll bet it really eats you up...Alice in Chains
Painted words adorn the walls, echoing untrue. I feel cold...Black Gives Way to Blue
My intention, may I arrive at eight? Lie and dream some; surprise, you guys, I'm late... Alice in Chains
Hope, a new beginning. Time, time to start living, like just before we died...Black Gives Way to Blue
What makes you want to carve your initials in me? Rained and weathered - erasing - hard to read... The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Do what you wanna do; go out and seek your truth. When I'm down and blue, rather be me than you...Alice in Chains
Lyric Song Album
I am Iron God... Glen! Redrum, redrum, redrum...Dirt
Plastic man, paper face. Candy heart, what a waste. Gotta change, set a date. Eat my cake, lick my plate...Dirt
When it's all gone wrong, it's hard to be so strong...Alice in Chains
Little boy made a mistake, hey! Pink cloud has now turned to gray, oh! All that I want is to play, hey!...Dirt
Chaos and hate shadow me. Pain, it fills me up. Only one thing makes me feel; missing better half of me...SAP
Mind of destructive taste. I choose to stroll amongst the waste that was your heart...Facelift
Bury me softly in this womb. I give this part of me for you. Sand rains down and here I sit holding rare flowers in a tomb... Dirt
It's okay, had a bad day. Hands are bruised from breaking rocks all day...Jar of Flies
Am I your reflection? Melting mirror smile. Am I worth the value? Do my love defile...Facelift
Roses in a vase of white, bloodied by the thorns beside the leaves that fall because my hand is pulling them hard as I can...SAP
Heartbreaker, feelin' alright. Body over... mind! It's slower, reduction is addictive too...Facelift
Hey, I ain't never coming home. Hey, I'll just wander my own road. Hey, I can't meet you here tomorrow...Jar of Flies
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! Calling, don't forget your sheep. First go up for air; get a **** haircut...SAP
I like to dig and **** around with your day. I'm gonna tell your mamma, yeah, I'm gonna blackball your name...Facelift
Will she keep on the ground, trying to ground me? Slowly forgive my lie - lying to save me... Dirt
Prey, squeal when you're caught. Cry, it's not my fault. Time to trade in never-befores, selling out for the score...Black Gives Way to Blue
Wife and kids, household pet. Army green was no safe bet. The bullets scream to me from somewhere...Dirt
I'm 'bout as low as I can get. I'd leave but I can't forget; still I wonder why it ain't right... SAP
What the hell am I? Leper from inside. Inside wall of peace, dirty and diseased...Dirt
Ghost town strip of misery - I ain't feeling no better. Road kill heart inside of me, follow it to the letter... The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
So you sit and think of love; I wait, hate all the more. I fall, on skinned knees I crawl...Facelift
In the darkest hole, you'd be well advised not to plan my funeral 'fore the body dies, yeah...Alice in Chains
Turn around, you say ''Scuse the 'tude, but I haven't eaten today.' And my eyes are turning gray. What's your name?...Facelift
In a bodiless embrace, thriving, I have grown. Fickle, changing, grip replaced; choking, take it all...Black Gives Way to Blue
Lyric Song Album
I grew up and made the blade my new toy. Friends said, 'Boy, with what you screwin' around?'...Facelift
Began this take at 7:38. Head hit the board, enough that it aches. Wonder, should I be working so late?...Alice in Chains
And they want to force my hand until I take what I want, and break all the lies that they feed the **** liars...Black Gives Way to Blue
I said, 'Let me be, I'm alright. Can't you see? I'm just fine. Little skinny, okay? I'm asleep anyway.'... Jar of Flies
So I found myself in the sun, oh yeah; a hell of a place to end a run, oh yeah. California, I'm fine...Black Gives Way to Blue
When I waken and I'm achin', time for sleepin', yeah. When I'm sayin' time to go and I've been hurtin', yeah...Alice in Chains
Just another brick you toss. Stone the number one deceiver. Multiply the added cost; easy to become a believer...Black Gives Way to Blue
What does 'friend' mean to you? A word so wrongfully abused. Are you like me - confused?... Alice in Chains
Curtain's drawn, now it's done. Silencing all tomorrows...Black Gives Way to Blue
Ego pulverized, no better medicine. Angels have been advised. Don't want no requiem...The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
I tried to shake it off; you can't remove this stain. A scale breaks impossible; afraid we are the same...Black Gives Way to Blue
These things I hate in you also reflect, it seems. Distortion laced with spikes, digs you out of me...Black Gives Way to Blue
Your redundancy stains; tired of infantile claims. Like puppets on a string, untangle you from me...Alice in Chains
All of your colors turn to grey - don't even matter anyway. Bleeding impressions where you were tied; can't really say how you lost your mind...The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Why are here again? It's the same old sit-down, roll around, chewed up pen. Nothin' thrilling me too much... Alice in Chains
Before you ask for something better, you should know I'm practiced at goodbyes... are you so deprived?...The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Came far to find me down the rabbit hole. Watch me smiling back while chewing on my skull. I know, won't forget; limped away from the wreck...The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Road narrows, pouring down. I'm breaking without a sound. Bits and pieces of trying; get what you pay for - nothing...The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
So you got the thing you wanted; don't let it go. Though it hurts your hand to hold it, don't let it show...The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Hey ah na na, confidence is broken. Hey ah na na, broken...Jar of Flies
Old Mister Fun is back - wonder where he's been hiding at? Hanging 'round the edge, walls unfortified inside...The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Offering a wonderful peace of mind worth buying. Bow down, last round up...The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
I'm a mirror. Cracked down the center, I split you. Counting the clouds in a storm behind your eyes...The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

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