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Lyrics from the Foo Fighters' studio albums, (Self-titled - Sonic Highways) - Name the songs these lyrics belong in.

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Forced Order
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Fingernails are pretty, fingernails are good; seems that all they ever wanted was a marking...Foo Fighters
Breathe out, so I can breathe you in... hold you in; and now, I know you've always been, out of your head...The Colour and the Shape
I still refused all the methods you abused. It's alright if you're confused, let me be...Foo Fighters
Don't the best of them bleed it out? While the rest of them peter out. Truth or consequence, say it aloud...The Colour and the Shape
I handed down the crown, given the jewels and the answers of may. The thought of being ousted, comes and goes, comes and goes...Foo Fighters
I'm looking to the sky to save me; looking for a sign of life. Looking for something to help me burn out bright...There is Nothing Left to Lose
These notes are marked 'return to sender' - I'll save this letter for myself. I wish you only knew how good it is to (song title)...The Colour and the Shape
In time or so I'm told, I'm just another soul for sale... oh well. The page is out of print - we are not permanent. We're temporary, temporary; same old story...Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
If you'd accept surrender, I'll give up some more; weren't you adored. I cannot be without you, matter of fact...The Colour and the Shape
The train that I got onto up and left that town, threw it up as it went down. Strange enough, it left me rude and turned around...Foo Fighters
When I talked about it, carried on, reasons only knew. But it's you, I fell into...Foo Fighters
Come and I'll take you under, this beautiful bruise's colors; everything fades in time, it's true... The Colour and the Shape
You make me dizzy running circles in my head. One of these days I'll chase you down...There is Nothing Left to Lose
My kind has all run out, as if kinds could blend. Some time - if time allows - everything worn in, everything worn in, everything worn in, like it's a friend...Foo Fighters
Never knowing who to believe, see through. Yeah, but what do you do when you're just another aging drag queen?...There is Nothing Left to Lose
I'll stick to the mailman. I'm pinned against a pot plant. I'm sick of all the suntan; oily with the ray-ban...Foo Fighters
Pieces fell in place, puzzles suck - laugh in my face. Turn and swing the pace. I'll give this; keep the good waist...Foo Fighters
There's a reason why keeping me alive; there's a cure in me that I wish were mine. As long as I can fight, I'll survive...There is Nothing Left to Lose
Spare me confession, it's confession you sell. Maybe I'll fall behind, but I don't mind, because I'll catch up!...The Colour and the Shape
What have we done with innocence? It disappeared with time, it never made much sense. Adolescent resident; wasting another night on planning my revenge...The Colour and the Shape
We (verb form of song title), (verb form of song title) away; on the ground, we come back down...Foo Fighters
I wish I never had taken this dare - I wasn't quite prepared; (song title) me up in my bad luck, I'll meet you there...The Colour and the Shape
Together now, I don't know how this love could end; my lonely heart, it falls apart for you to mend...The Colour and the Shape
Steal me now and forever - I'll steal something good for you. The criminal in me is no one new. 'Til you find something better, when there's nothing left to use...There is Nothing Left to Lose
I'm molasses hung in rent; read a sponsor, one shot no post-show. Tear it off, but not a lot, it's not enough to debate...Foo Fighters
This is a blackout, don't let it go to waste; this is a blackout, I want to detonate...The Colour and the Shape
Leading everything along, never far from being wrong; never mind these things at all, it's nothing...Foo Fighters
I can change, I can change, I can change - but who you want me to be? I'm the same, I'm the same, I'm the same - what do you want me to be?...Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
I just kinda died for you, you just kinda stared at me; we will always have that chance; we can do this one more time...There is Nothing Left to Lose
After the bliss has long ended, this caution, this fault. Give me a breeze that's long-winded, accosted adult arrested...Foo Fighters
Crown the king of suffering; prisoner, slave 'til in the skies. Disappeared, the only thing; bittersweet surrendering - knew that it was time to say goodbye...Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
I was waiting for something, maybe flying machines. That's when I found Lily, the best I'd ever seen...The Colour and the Shape
Take another stab at me; I promise in time I'll heal, but yesterday went on and on a bit too long. I waited out on high street, there's nothing to find out here...There is Nothing Left to Lose
Even though I watched you come and go, how was I to know you'd steal the show?...The Colour and the Shape
Maybe the season; the colors change in the valley skies. Dear God, I've sealed my fate; running through hell, heaven can wait...Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Have you found your way around the down and out? I know it must seem long, so long. I'm still trying to keep this time from running out...The Colour and the Shape
I'm amounted; just the same old glitter story. From the sea floor, metamorphosis; and I can't change back for you, I will not change back for you...There is Nothing Left to Lose
Oh no, don't talk about it; no, please don't talk about it. Oh no, don't talk about it - not one more word about it...Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Hey you, are you in there? I'm stuck outside you, ooh... We could use, one another - another like you, ooh...One By One
My heart is under arrest again, but I break loose; my head is giving me life or death, but I can't choose. I swear I'll never give in, I refuse...In Your Honor [Disc 1]
Dear Haley, can you save me from the borrowed cloud I'm on? All you gotta do is try; pray you're just getting by...There is Nothing Left to Lose
Bloody lips and cherry wine, moonshine in your hair. Just keep staring at the sun; pray for (song title)...Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Tell me lies or tell me when; tell me off again. I will let you know when I've had enough...Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Heart of gold but it lost its pride; beautiful veins and bloodshot eyes. I've seen your face in another light...Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Into the night we shine; lighting the way, we glide by. Catch me if I get too high, when I come down...There is Nothing Left to Lose
You and I, we're two old and tortured souls, repaired by a love of broken things. In a life, just some bodies growing old; no fear of the end, of anything...Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Counting every minute 'til the feeling comes crashing down; run when it hits the ground, I'm good at escaping but better at flaking out...There is Nothing Left to Lose
Say your prayers when you get scared; pray you're gonna make it. And then, when you're done, you keep **** up...One By One
You're my size, I need to try you on. Someone in between, the right and wrong. Through everything you kept your wings apart...One By One
Echoes and silence, patience and grace; all of these moments, I'll never replace. No fear of my heart; absence of faith...Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Will I find something in there, to give me just what I need? Another reason to bleed. One by one hidden up my sleeve...One By One
And tonight I thank the stars, as I count my lucky scars, for everything you've given me...Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Beautiful prisoner, left here for dead. Promises made and sentences read. Voices and visions are locked in my head; I could sing for sorrow...In Your Honor [Disc 1]
I went down, I fell, I fell so fast; dropping like the grains in an hourglass. Never say 'forever' 'cause nothing lasts; dancing with the bones of my buried past...In Your Honor [Disc 1]
I... I'm a one way motorway; I'm the road that drives away, then follows you back home. I... I'm a street light shinin', I'm a white light blinding bright...One By One
Chase me through the dark - ready on your mark. First to reach the stars, wins a broken heart...In Your Honor [Disc 2]
I may be scattered - a little shattered. What does it matter? No one has a fit like I do; I'm the only one that fits you...One By One
Hey, don't go and turn the other way; don't say 'There's nothin' more to say.' Come on, hear me out. Hush, hush; settle down. Button up; don't make a sound...Wasting Light
I threw it all away because, I had to be what never was. Been so hungry I could lie; you took my word, I took your wine...Sonic Highways
I'll be right there; the buzz inside your head - the whole electric chair; see you in (song title)...In Your Honor [Disc 1]
Down crooked stairs and sideways glances, comes the king of second chances; now throw him in the flame...Wasting Light
Shame on you... seducing everyone; faded you... your diamond in the rough. You don't have to tell me, I know where you've been...In Your Honor [Disc 1]
Easy for you to say! Your heart has never been broken; your pride has never been stolen. Not yet, not yet...Wasting Light
There you are dancing at your altar; beautiful earthling, dressed in kashmir. All of your sound echoes in the canyons...Sonic Highways
There’s nothing that you couldn’t say, 'cause you’ve said it all before; I think it’s time you walked this lonely road all on your own...In Your Honor [Disc 2]
This indecision's got me climbing up the walls; I've been cheating gravity and waiting on the falls...Wasting Light
And now our shades become shadows in your light; in the morning when we're through, and tomorrow rescues you, I will say goodnight...In Your Honor [Disc 2]
I'm feeling out of luck - maybe I just feel too much. That old, familiar touch will always sting my skin...In Your Honor [Disc 1]
Black heart with a gaping wound, put back together by a troubled groove. Check yourself; wreck your brains. Where is that P.M.A.?...Sonic Highways
There are times I feel like givin' in; there are times I begin to begin again. Look outside, the world keeps spinning like a paddle wheel...Sonic Highways
Dying behind these tired eyes; I've been losing sleep. Please come to me tonight...In Your Honor [Disc 2]
I couldn't grow just living in the shadow. Where do you go when no one's following you? You ran away, ran away, you was right on cue...Wasting Light
I heard every word comin' from the 13th floor; your song came along, I heard the voices tell me, 'to save yourself, ooh, behave yourself'...Sonic Highways
Lay your hands in mine. Heal me one last time. Though I cannot forgive you yet; no, I cannot forgive you yet; you leave my heart in debt...Wasting Light
Wake up, it's time. We need to find a better place to hide. Make up your mind; I need to know, I need to know tonight...In Your Honor [Disc 2]
There is a secret, I found a secret, behind a Soho door. There is a reason, I found a reason, beneath the subway floor...Sonic Highways
You think you’re losin’, it's time to stop accusin’. You’re never gonna take a hit on the head; now, if you don’t care, take a ride somewhere...Wasting Light
You might think you own me - I know damn well you don't. Oh no, oh no, you don't...Sonic Highways
I listen... I listen... I listen... but you're out of tune, you're so out of tune...In Your Honor [Disc 1]
Once upon a time, I was somebody else. In another life, I saw myself. Way back then, back when I was you...Wasting Light
There’s mystery in this wood, and ghosts within these roots, that are tangled deep beneath this southern ground...Sonic Highways
Let’s change the subject to someone else; you know, lately I've been subject to change. Normally I reel in the strange; hang over, I’m older...Wasting Light
Do you remember the days we built these paper mountains, and sat and watched them burn? I think I found my place; can't you feel it growing stronger? Little conquerors...Wasting Light
Memory... mend me. Know I've seen my share, things I can't repair. I'm breakin' to you, I'm breakin' to you...In Your Honor [Disc 1]
The hardest part is knowing everything must die; the hardest part is waiting here, waiting to collide...One By One
I remember watchin' you once upon a time, dancing from across the room in another life. A little bit of (song title) is what I need now...In Your Honor [Disc 1]
I go side to side like the wildest tides in your hurricane; and I only hide what is on my mind, because I can't explain...In Your Honor [Disc 2]
Yours and mine and left and right; there's still two sides to everyone. You and I get on with life, and pray we'll find a better one...One By One
If you'd like to walk a while, we could waste the day. Follow me into the trees; I will lead the way...In Your Honor [Disc 2]
One more day that I've survived, another night alone. Pay no mind, I'm doing fine, I'm breathing on my own...In Your Honor [Disc 2]
So shame on me for the ruse; shame on me for the blues. Another one returned that I'll never use...One By One
Dead on the inside, I've got nothing to prove. Keep me alive and give me something to lose. Goodbye, this time; leaving you...One By One
Ring in the witching hour; spells that I'm singing. Rain come and drown me out, sinking deep below...In Your Honor [Disc 2]
What a nice, long leash; what a nice, tight noose. Never worked for me, but sure would look good on you...Wasting Light
He thinks he drinks too much, 'cause when he tells his two best friends, 'I think I drink too much,' no one speaks...In Your Honor [Disc 2]
Spare all the breaching; my secrets worth keeping. No one understands like I do...One By One
Mine is yours and yours is mine; I will sacrifice, (song title) I would die tonight, for you to feel alive...In Your Honor [Disc 1]

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