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Can you name the Reformation/Vatican II Missionary Church?

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What was the first book produced in the Gutenberg Press?
Where did Ulrich Zwingli's reformation take place?
Who created the 96 Theses?
What is Theresa of Avila's most famous work?
Who founded the Carmelites?
Showing concern for unity among religions is called what?
What made Henry VIII the head of the church of England?
Who was asserted to be the sole interpreter of the Bible?
Who was the Council of Trent called by?
Who excommunicated Luther?
What order did Ignatius of Loyola create?
What are the three G's?
Who was the focus of early Australian missionary work?
Who did Our Lady of Guadeloupe appear to?
Who is the famous missionary to China?
Who was the French Jesuit missionary to Southeast Asia?
Who was responsible for bringing Christianity to Africa?
What Pope started the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith?
What is the assembly of the Bishops called?
When was Vatican II called?
Returning to the scripture and traditions is called what?
How many documents did Vatican II create?
What was John XXIII's nickname?
What Pope took over after Pope John XXIII?
Who continued the Vatican II Council after the death of John XXIII??
When Vatican II end?
Reading the signs of the times and bringing the church up to date is what?
The Dignitatius Humanae is the declaration on religious _____.
When was Vatican II announced?
Did people expect Pope John XXIII to be an important pope?
Who guided the teachings of Vatican II?

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